Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog award!!

My sweet friend at Diane, at http://www.aprimitivejourney.blogspot.com/ awarded me with this special award!

Now, I'm asked to pass the award on to others. So of course, Jill at
http://www.thefruitofherhandstudio.blogspot.com/ is a top choice! Megan, at http://www.americanprim.blogspot.com/ has a great blog, too! And the mother daughter duo & fellow shopkeepers at http://www.thecountryjuntion.blogspot.com/ have a great blog & yummy recipes from time to time!

Thank you, thank you, again Diane! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Location for our goodes!

We're still keeping up shop here, don't get me wrong! We've just expanded! David & I, along with my dear friend Beth, spent the better part of yesterady settin up shop in Salisbury. Nestled in the historic town, in an old factory (dating back to pre-WWI!), the factory has been beautifully renovated into an emporium full of all sorts of goodies ~ from antiques to home decor & primitives, there's something for everyone! We have a wonderful selection of our pottery, soy candles, soy lotions, soy room sprays, sewn goodes, primitive wares, and much more down there! All the furniture pieces, by the way, are David's handiwork & are all for sale. So if you can't make it up this way, be sure to stop in the Emporium! AND if you happen to be in the Emporium, we're only 30 more minutes up the road, so check out both locations! We'll be continually adding new things in both locations!