Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming soon!!

Our Spring Tyme in the Country open house will be the first weekend of Spring!!! Yippee!! March 21st & 22nd! So I'm busy here turning new pieces of pottery, sewing up a storm & packages are arriving with lots of wonderful spring tyme goodes!! Bunnies, bunnies & more bunnies too!!

Farm News ~ We had decided to let our "girls" take a break from lambing this year. We lost 2 of our momma girls this past summer & last spring's girls we felt would be too young to breed (though technically they could have been). So we were going to let our new girls grow a bit & give our older girls a break. Well, to mention, we had a ram lamb born last spring as well. Well, rams aren't supposed to be able to breed until they're 4 months of age, but we moved him over to the other pasture here at the shop with our other males. BUT apparently he was a little.....mature....for his age..Sooooo we have at least one momma due SOON. Now, I say one 1, David is certain at least 2 of them are. But, with sheep you don't know they're pregnant until they're ready to deliever! Sooo, we have one (Wildflower) who is about to POP!
What does all this mean? Well, looks like we'll be having lambs for spring!! All of our regular customers who love to stop at the barn & visit with the girls, hopefully they'll be a little one or two to visit if you come down for spring open house!!

And, YES, I promised to be better with pictures & such with this new computer. Would you believe I've NOW lost my memory card for my camera?! Ugh!! I was cleaning & put it in a real safe place, just temporarily...well, that place seems to be REALLY REALLY safe....
Soo as soon as I FIND it I'll be posting new pics of spring goodes, the shop transformation to spring, and babies when they're born!!
Until then.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zoomin' along & pics!

Well, after several stores & bunches of thinking! later, I finally have a NEW laptop who not only seems to like me but also likes my camera! Yippee!! So now I zippin' & zoomin' along again (though much faster than before!), AND I can keep my blog up to date & with pics too!! (who knows ~ may actually get that ole' picturetrail going!)
Now, I know this is late, but here's a pic of the yummy foods we had for our Old-Fashioned Valentine's on Saturday! (missing in the pic is the yummy red punch sweet David made).
We want to send a warm thank you to our wonderful customers who came out! We had a wonderful time!!! We love all our customers!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

An Old-Fashioned Valentine's!!

Our Old-Fashioned Valentines will be held tomorrow, February 14th, from 10am~6pm!!!
We do hope you'll stop in to visit!!

We'll have lots of yummy refreshments, new merchandise, & the first 24 customers will all go home with free goodies (our Valentine's gift to you!). Don't forget to enter your name in our drawing ~ 2 names will be drawn after we close tomorrow & the lucky winners will be called or emailed the first of the week!!

On another note, I took a wonderful picture of one of the free goodies...but, my computer is no longer reading my camera...uggh...this olde gal has been on her last leg for some time ~ the computer NOT me! ~ so it looks like computer shopping is in my immanent future (it took 5 restarts to get her going just to post this so everyone would remember tomorrow!)....So if I'm MIA for a few days, you know why. BUT I promise to have lots of wonderful pictures of the Valentine's festivities!!!