Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zoomin' along & pics!

Well, after several stores & bunches of thinking! later, I finally have a NEW laptop who not only seems to like me but also likes my camera! Yippee!! So now I zippin' & zoomin' along again (though much faster than before!), AND I can keep my blog up to date & with pics too!! (who knows ~ may actually get that ole' picturetrail going!)
Now, I know this is late, but here's a pic of the yummy foods we had for our Old-Fashioned Valentine's on Saturday! (missing in the pic is the yummy red punch sweet David made).
We want to send a warm thank you to our wonderful customers who came out! We had a wonderful time!!! We love all our customers!!


Barb said...

Look's yummy....Barb

angie said...

good for you!!! those goodies looked wonderful, but i think we were saving ourselves for Cracker Barrel that day~loved visiting your shoppe~i'm sure we'll visit again soon!

Tammy said...

So glad you got a new computer. Whoohoo... I so enjoyed my visit to your shoppe, and all the goodies you have. I know that Angie and I will certainly be back soon.