Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall Fever...

I admit, I LOVE fall!! AND Halloween!! And, I've got the fever!
, I've had it for a while, but have restrained myself in the shop! You have no idea how hard it is NOT to put fall things out at the end of July! BUT I hate forcing things in too early, and well, it's also too darn hot!
So to help with the "fever", I've been working feverishly on all sorts of wonderful goodes for our Harvest Gathering, to be held September 19th & 20th!!!

99% of the new fall handmades will not make their "debute" until that weekend,
I am still putting in a bit of FALL here in there in the shop!
So if you're getting the "fever", too, we've got some neat fall goodes to help you out!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lucy I'm hommee!!!!

YES, we're home from Pa ~ we left Saturday morning for our annual fall run up to Pa to find goodes for the shop! We had a wonderful ~ beit fast paced ~ trip up & came home with lots of new stuff!

Of course, I had to stop by my dear friend Judy's (Cinnamon Stick) shop in Hereford, Pa. It was a quick visit, next time we're going to have to make it longer! I never seem to have my camera when we visit, but this time I did, so I made sure David took a pic of the two of us together!I look a WRECK ~ this was after a FULL day of flea-markets & antique shops in 95 degree weather (103 with the heat index!). And Judy, adorable as always, but HID her NEW glasses!

NOW, thanks to the wonderful camera my sweet hubby & parents gave me for my birthday back in May, I was able to take some pics of our fave areas. Now, mind you, Dave & I are always on a "mission", so it's what I call
TOUR GUIDE AT 55 (mph)...
My new camera has a movement mode, so I was able to take pics as David zoomed by! The TOUR will be saved for another post later on!

In the meantime
here's a few pics of the goodes all unloaded!!
With the exception of 4 or 5 things that are for me, everything is for the SHOP!
ALOT is already out there, NOTHING is priced yet LoL (I hope to do that in the a.m.).
TONS of the Amish made barn stars!
(FINALLY found a more consistent stop to pick them up! YAY!)

(back seat of the truck)

YES! EVERYTHING BELOW ~ and a few things not pictured ~ ALL came down the road with us!

(me with the goodes ~ David insisted I get in the pic too ~ nevermind I'm a sweaty mess AGAIN since it was only around 95 yesterday!)
I am in LOVE with the old grain bin with the cow on it!!!!
And the sweet little bench actually has a wonderful worn red paint in spots & on the sides!

(David with the goodes)

Now I'm off to SWELTER some more! I forgot to mention, when we got in from the shop last nite our A/C had died! 20 hours later & we STILL have NO AIR as we can't seem to find a repairman that will answer their phone!! Oh, it's only 85 in the house!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Changing Seasons.....

Days have been busy here preparing goodes for both fall & winter...Fall has consumed this week as I feverishly try to get a good handle on my fall goodies so I can get back to the pile of Christmas....I'm no where near done with all the goodes for our HARVEST GATHERING but witches, pumpkin girls, scarecrows, & more are covering every inch of my workroom & house...along with polyfil & threads! LoL

And I have my hands FULL with sneaky lil' gals trying to head on out to the shop!

BUT I keep telling them they have to WAIT!!
Just a little longer!
UNTIL WHEN you ask??

Our annual Harvest Gathering!
Sept. 19th - 10am-6pm
Sept. 20th - 1pm-5pm