Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall Fever...

I admit, I LOVE fall!! AND Halloween!! And, I've got the fever!
, I've had it for a while, but have restrained myself in the shop! You have no idea how hard it is NOT to put fall things out at the end of July! BUT I hate forcing things in too early, and well, it's also too darn hot!
So to help with the "fever", I've been working feverishly on all sorts of wonderful goodes for our Harvest Gathering, to be held September 19th & 20th!!!

99% of the new fall handmades will not make their "debute" until that weekend,
I am still putting in a bit of FALL here in there in the shop!
So if you're getting the "fever", too, we've got some neat fall goodes to help you out!!


Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Girl... I have fall fever too!!! I think I smelt it in the air last Saturday?? Can you do that too?? I was your way Saturday, I almost popped into see you! Have a great week, Me and Amy may try to come up and see you for your open house, she adores your little place!! Blessings, I am off to work, Janna


Store is looking good Lisa - love the grapevine is horrid hot here too. Our store is looking like fall but the customers don't seem to be interested yet! AND my gardens are now looking beautful..go figure! Today is a stay home get some work done kind of day - working on BATS and waiting for my wax to arrive...HELP!! XO, Judy

Laura :) said...

I have been getting my fall stuff out and I don't have much. I was thinking today that I can't wait til the Harvest gathering so I can get more stuff!

I have been dealing with vertigo for 4 wks now and I'm trying not to let it kick my rear. Hoping I'll be in good shape by Sept 19!!!


PS....only 1 wk til Hillsville!!!!

Lilly's Home said...

One of my dreams was to have a shoppe...just like you have. I appreciate your creative talents and it looks like your store is awesome!
Happy Fall! Lilly