Monday, June 29, 2009

4th Of JuLy Schedule!

Just a little note:
We will be open WED-FRI 10am until 6pm
we will be CLOSED Saturday, July 4th
to celebrate with our family & friends!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

THE bEsT FLaG BunTiNg FaBRiC!!

Looking for a wonderful primitive fabric bunting? This is a wonderful reproduction print of an old civil war bunting!
I'm selling this BY THE YARD on ebay ~ it's wonderful to make pillows, get a few yards to make bunting swags, table runners, etc.....Great stuff!! :) Click the picture to be taken to the auction!

Friday, June 19, 2009

~*~ CrAsHiNg ...& A FeW of My FaVoRiTe THiNgS~*~

I'll be first to admit, gracefulness is NOT my strongsuit....So Tuesday, amidst hauling all my treasures (in the last post) from the truck into the sunroom (so I could take a pic & figure out where things will be dispursed) I fell in our walkway. I was carrying the old wooden drink crate with things in it & next thing I know...CRASH!! I fell so hard & so fast, I didn't know what happened until I was on the ground. I fell face first, landing on a landscape timber & a few bricks, with the drink crate sorda into my stomach...YES! It hurt....When D came home he wanted to take me to the Dr., but I refused....By Wednesday I was hurting pretty good so my mom drug me to an urgent care...3 x-rays later, I have fractured ribs. Akkk!! Well, let's just say the pain is continuing to progess instead of lessen, so by the end of each workday, I've been too sore to do much other than lay back with an ice pack....

Soooo, as I'm laying here on the couch, I'm admiring a few of my favorite things, and since I can't do much else, I thought I'd share pics of them with you!

The first pic is our fireplace & mantle...My daddy laid all the rock! The mantle will soon be replaced with a beam from the old mill (read about it here if you missed out). David has the afixiation with old lanterns ~ I am honestly running out of room to put them but he keeps buyin' them! LoL The white star is made by the Amish up in Pa from salavaged barn tin! We sell them here in the shop!

Next, is a new grouping I just finished a few weeks ago....well, I'm still tweaking bits on the inside, but you get the gist...The top part is an old hanging cupboard I bought in Pa during Christmas & it's sitting on an old table that USED to be the base of an old stepback...David sat the cupboard down there while we were trying to figure out how high to hang the cupboard & I liked it so we left it! A few of my favorite things are tucked about ~ the large basket sitting on top I got from my dear friend Judy during our last trip up to Pa...And, lastly for tonite, is my old make-do screen safe...I found this in an antique shop a few years ago & fell in love! I put it in layaway not having a clue where I could fit it, but knowing I had to have it! When it came home it had to sit in our unfinished sunroom until I could figure out a place to put it...It just moved in during Christmas (after almost 2 years on our unfinished sunroom!). I love it!! It's made from an old shipping crate...the things they MADE-DO with soo many years ago!! Also tucked in is probably my hugest addiction ~ OLDE quilts!!... A few yellowware bowls sit in the top ~ I love yellowware, but these are the only 2 pieces I've been able to snag cheap enough to come home with me..and a stack of old seamless sacks ~ Bemis, Fulton, any Seamless advertising sack...WHY do I collect them? I have NO clue! I just love them! :)
Well, that's it for tonite!! Maybe one nite again soon I'll take you on more of a tour of our cabin!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~*~A GoOd JuNkiN' WeeKeNd!~*~

Saturday morning bright & early, mom & I headed up to the mountains, leaving David to "man" the shop! (he did a great job, as always!).....So mom & I hit just about every thrift & junk store between here & my parent's place in West Jefferson. Almost all. But, this turned out to be the most productive junkin' trip in a while! ESPECIALLY for what I got for the $$!

EVERYTHING in the pic INCLUDING the chippy white bench was found on our journeys! Well, except for Mara (the kitty) who was inspecting everything while I was trying to take the pic!

A FEW things are MINE! LoL For the sunroom we're finishing up (the bench will stay where it's at...the basket I have an afixiation for so it'll have to stay...)...The quilt will become pillows for Christmas sales (great red & white!)..... I ALSO GOT a GREAT OLD milk can that will look great with some dried in the top! It'll most likely go to Salisbury....The rest will be dispursed between our shop here & our booth in Salisbury!

I also got this OLD 20's era laundry basket....I'm a little frustrated with it at the moment ~ you see, it's a collapsable basket & the lady I bought it from, just HAD to show me & now I can't figure out how to fully pop it back up into place...ugh...I'm sure David will figure it out...I hope!
It'll be a great display piece for pillows & such in the shop!

OHHHH!!! I almost forgot!!
THESE ARE MY FAVE FINDS (and staying with me)~


Friday, June 12, 2009

Firefox & Internet Explorer......a debate on the internet....

First off, this is NOT going to be a prim-related post....sorry!....but for a bit of time I'm going to revert to my nerdy side & talk a bit about Internet Explorer & Foxfire...I promise to TRY to not bore you..and HOPEFULLY HELP a few!

Now, I have been a LOYAL follower for YEARS to Internet Explorer...Never even peeked at anything need issues....

With a NEW computer came a NEW version of Internet Explorer....and within the past month, automatic downloads for updates for Internet Explorer (courtesy of Microsoft)....
GREAT! Right???....


SUDDENLY, I had issues that I've never had BEFORE the updates OR with older issues of IE....The MAJORITY of the issue was with a LOT of blog sites......It was random..Some days these sites would be a-ok...Other days I would get an error message that the page couldn't work or somethingorother.....or the page would only partially load (for example, on my friend Beth's site, a lot of times I would only see her background & sidebar info & NONE of the posts)....

Soo, I'm thinkin' it HAS to be me....Then I do a little digging...

Come to find out I was NOT ALONE!! AND this apparently has been going on for a while with IE...a problem to which I've read they've been well aware of for a looong time & haven't done anything...

Well this week I have a new download & I hold my breath & think maybe...???


While on one of the few blogger sites that WOULD load right for me, I discovered this lady had the same problem....Her solution? Mozilla Firefox..

I read their reviews....checked out what they had to offer...and STILL held my breathe...

BUT tonite was the LAST straw! I downloaded Firefox. WHICH was VERY easy to install AND saved ALL my bookmarks & everything!! AND it's super-fast!! A few things a wee bit different than IE, but nothing I can't deal with!

SOME "PERKS" of Firefox:
*One-click bookmarking (very cool)
*Faster speed (YIPPEE)
*Zooming In & Out on webpages ~ SEE HERE
*Higher Security

Soo any of you out there having problems with blogger pages or other funky pages, there IS an option!! my nerd box... :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Tweet Visitor!

The other day, as I went to go out onto the porch at the shop to enjoy my lunch, I suddenly stopped at the door at the site of a little visitor already sitting in the swing...This sweet young dove apparently was just learning to fly or had a hairy flight. He was breathing heavily & seemed really tired..But, he did seem to enjoy my picture~taking! And let me walk all around him without a care! He stayed for over an hour & finally flew away! Hope his journeys are safe now :smiles:

Monday, June 1, 2009

3/50 Project!

PLEASE CLICK TO ENLARE so you can all read it better! :)
My friend & fellow shopkeeper, Jen, had this on her blog & I know she'll be glad I'm passing it on! Something we all need to think about...We CAN do something for our local economy....