Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~*~A GoOd JuNkiN' WeeKeNd!~*~

Saturday morning bright & early, mom & I headed up to the mountains, leaving David to "man" the shop! (he did a great job, as always!).....So mom & I hit just about every thrift & junk store between here & my parent's place in West Jefferson. Almost all. But, this turned out to be the most productive junkin' trip in a while! ESPECIALLY for what I got for the $$!

EVERYTHING in the pic INCLUDING the chippy white bench was found on our journeys! Well, except for Mara (the kitty) who was inspecting everything while I was trying to take the pic!

A FEW things are MINE! LoL For the sunroom we're finishing up (the bench will stay where it's at...the basket I have an afixiation for so it'll have to stay...)...The quilt will become pillows for Christmas sales (great red & white!)..... I ALSO GOT a GREAT OLD milk can that will look great with some dried in the top! It'll most likely go to Salisbury....The rest will be dispursed between our shop here & our booth in Salisbury!

I also got this OLD 20's era laundry basket....I'm a little frustrated with it at the moment ~ you see, it's a collapsable basket & the lady I bought it from, just HAD to show me & now I can't figure out how to fully pop it back up into place...ugh...I'm sure David will figure it out...I hope!
It'll be a great display piece for pillows & such in the shop!

OHHHH!!! I almost forgot!!
THESE ARE MY FAVE FINDS (and staying with me)~



Painter's Place said...

I just found your blog and I luv it. You found some wonderful buys this weekend. We have some of the same decorating ideas, plus I live probably about an hour away, if that. I'll definitely have to come check out your shop.

Angie at Free Rein said...

Nice haul! Ya'll did very well. I love days like that.


Great shopping trip...and with your Mom made it extra special...the French Laundry Basket has little hooks in the middle - they clip onto the wire...You are so funny!!! That is a real nice find! All your goodies are...XO, Judy

Jen said...

Way to go Lisa!!! Cool stuff!

Joan said...

Great and certainly rewarding trip. Congrats. I love everything. Good going.

Dawn said...

Love all your finds, you must have the neates thrift stores!!!!!I have one of those laundry bascket. they are tricky, that middle ring needs to be pulled up around the middle of the basket and it hooks on. I love mine. I have it in my living rm. next to the recliner. i have seen them use as a side table by putting a round glass on it. Love your treasures!!!!

Pots 'n Prims said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments gals! I DID figure out the laundry basket on my own! Yay! :)
Still have to get everything out to the shop & to Salisbury ~ took a little stumble this week & fractured ribs so I'm a bit behind..
Blessings to all!