Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet Maggie..AND my fave rabbit!

Meet Maggie....She kinda "slipped" into our lives....We had a momma cat show up back in the summer...preggers..and Maggie was one of her kittens..Well, I tried all summer & fall to find homes for all the kittens ~ 5 in all. And finally resigned they will live here forever (minus the 1 who was adopted).. So 2 weeks ago we got all the boys "fixed". So last week was Maggie's turn. While recouping we let her live in our bathroom. Well, she would take the VENT COVER OFF! and come THRU the DUCTS out in the living room where we would be by pushing UP to knock the vent off!! No matter what we sat over the vent she would move it (she's a little Hercules!). Seems she just wanted to be where we were..So we started just leaving her out...while she recouped...then she was going to be an outside kitty with her brothers....well she apparently had other plans!....and I am kind of enjoying the sweetness of her. Granted, we have 2 wonderful, loving kitties who live inside with us, but Maggie seems just....different....wherever I am, she is...and never leaves my side...I guess she sensed I have been lost without my sweet Freckles & is trying to fill the inside she seems to be staying! :)
The picture is her sleeping on the recliner..hehehe!

NOW....I've made a BUNCH of bunnies this season & finished up several new ones that went to the shop this morning BUT this gal is my FAVE bunny I've made so far! She has already hopped her way to her new home with one of my dearest customers! I secretly had wished she wouldn't sell so I could keep her BUT I know she will be thoroughly enjoyed & loved in her new home! Thanks bunches girl! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hoppin' along!

Today was such a warm, pleasant sunny day it was so hard for me to sit inside! BUT I did! I've got lots of sweet bunnies & other goodies in the works but thought I'd share a pic of just a few I've gotten done so far~

AND a few of my punchneedle samplers I got finished finally got their new "old" frames done by David (he makes all my frames from old wood & leaves the original paint)!

Well, that's it for now! Back to work I go!! Many more goodes to finish!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a wonderful weekend for an open house!!

We had a wonderful weekend for our Spring Tyme in the Country Open House! Couldn't have asked for better weather & of course, we have the BEST customers in the world!! All my sewn goodes ~ and most of the spring redware ~ sold out by lunch on Saturday so as soon as things slowed a bit later in the afternoon, I left David in charge so I could get back to the sewing machine. Was able to get a few new goodes out there today & they sold too!! Soooo I'll be chained to the sewing machine this week to get LOTS of new goodes ready for when we reopen on Wednesday! I PROMISE lots more rabbits & pillows & some new goodes that didn't get finished this weekend!! (I'll be sure to make a few extra, too, to take to Salisbury to our booth for those that stop in there!).

THANK YOU again to our wonderful customers!!

And, now for those who couldn't make it, here's a few pics. I didn't get pics of a lot of the goodes ~ especially all the sewn goodes & new pottery pieces, but you'll just have to stop in next time!! (smiles)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~It's time for our annual....~


The shop will be BRIMMING with tons of our handmades ~ wonderful primitive rabbits, spring goodes, garden wares, pottery, and MUCH MORE! ALONG with all sorts of OLD and NEW primitive treasures!! Plus YUMMY treats, mixes & more! You're SURE to find something for your home & garden! We would love to see you!!
March 21st ~ 10am-6pm
March 22nd ~ 1pm-5pm

PLEASE REMEMBER ~ We will be closed Friday the 20th to prepare the shop! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Quick Junkin' Run!

I had to run an errand into town yesterday for my dad & had just a few minutes to spare, so I made a quick runthru of one of the antique shops in town. A good day in that shop ~ normally not too many finds!! Something just told me to run in there ~ glad I did! These goodies & MANY MANY more will go into the shop THIS WEEKEND for our Spring Tyme in The Country Open House!! Hope to see ya!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Thank You....

I want to send a thank you to all of you who posted sweet words or emailed during this hard time...not a day or hour goes by that I'm not looking for Freckles to see where she's snoozin' or going to give her a treat, only to remember she's not here....So it'll take some adjusting...
And a special thank you to Rhonda for replying with that sweet poem! I cry each time I read it but it does give comfort!
Hugs to you all....

Monday, March 9, 2009

~*~ In LoVinG Memory ~*~

For those who have visited the shop over the years, chances were Freckles was there to greet you! She loved being in the shop & seeing the customers! And, when she wasn't in the shop, those who had met her would always ask where she was.....

She was our sweet little girl ~ we don't have children (our choice) but she was our "oldest" daughter. Yesterday she was quite sick & by nite I knew she had to be dehydrated & something was wrong, so David & I rushed her to the emergency animal hospital in Greensboro...I'm not going to go into details ~ it's quite too hard at the moment ~ but she had a lot of things wrong & after half the nite at the hospital we had to make the decision to let her go. It was NOT an easy one ~ she has been my constant companion for 14 years & has lived with David & I since we got married almost 9 years ago....I will write more later when I am doing a bit better ~ it has been a very rough nite & day so far...

We will all miss her terribly ~ including her sisters Mara & Millie (feline sisters who can't quite figure out what's going on) & her "nana" & "papaw" (my parents who she LOVED to visit! & lived with them until D & I married)....
For now here are some sweet pictures to remember her by~

Relaxing in the barn! (above)
She & I kayaking in the moutains ~ she always loved to go too! One of the reasons we bought kayaks with wide cockpits so she could fit too! (below)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some shop pics!

Well, GUESS WHO finally found their memory card?!! FINALLY! So I thought I'd take a few pics of the shop....a few spring goodes are in place now, but most of it is waiting for it's debute on March 21st for our Spring Tyme in the Country open house! I promise to take pics then, but for now, here's these. For those who have never visited, we make a majority of the products in the shop ~ from the pottery to the candles to the sewn goodes, furniture & more!!


STEPBACK DISPLAY (one of our cabinets we build!) & PART OF CHECKOUT COUNTER~

PART OF THE POTTERY AREA (my handturned stoneware pottery)~

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snowstorm of '09 produces MUCH more than snow!!

Sunday eve produced a nice winter snowstorm - the first real one we've had in many years. By 2 am we had 5 inches of snow!! Yippee!!
Here's a pic of Freckles today out enjoying sledding with us! She's an olde gal ~ almost 14 ~ but doesn't act her age & loves the snow as much as us!!


it never fails, when the pressure changes in the atmosphere, that's usually when lambs will be born! So, sure enough, at 11:47 last nite Wildflower gave birth to a sweet baby boy.


at 12:45 she gave birth to ANOTHER baby boy! TWINS!

Now, the flash makes this lil' guy look brown, but he's really dark black...And the FUNNY thing is, we don't RAISE BLACK sheep!! We don't have a single one in our flock! Not even a black FACE!! Guessing this one picked up some genes from a few generations back! hehe!!!

Hope everyone's staying warm!! I'm going to enjoy the snow while it's here!