Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet Maggie..AND my fave rabbit!

Meet Maggie....She kinda "slipped" into our lives....We had a momma cat show up back in the summer...preggers..and Maggie was one of her kittens..Well, I tried all summer & fall to find homes for all the kittens ~ 5 in all. And finally resigned they will live here forever (minus the 1 who was adopted).. So 2 weeks ago we got all the boys "fixed". So last week was Maggie's turn. While recouping we let her live in our bathroom. Well, she would take the VENT COVER OFF! and come THRU the DUCTS out in the living room where we would be by pushing UP to knock the vent off!! No matter what we sat over the vent she would move it (she's a little Hercules!). Seems she just wanted to be where we were..So we started just leaving her out...while she recouped...then she was going to be an outside kitty with her brothers....well she apparently had other plans!....and I am kind of enjoying the sweetness of her. Granted, we have 2 wonderful, loving kitties who live inside with us, but Maggie seems just....different....wherever I am, she is...and never leaves my side...I guess she sensed I have been lost without my sweet Freckles & is trying to fill the inside she seems to be staying! :)
The picture is her sleeping on the recliner..hehehe!

NOW....I've made a BUNCH of bunnies this season & finished up several new ones that went to the shop this morning BUT this gal is my FAVE bunny I've made so far! She has already hopped her way to her new home with one of my dearest customers! I secretly had wished she wouldn't sell so I could keep her BUT I know she will be thoroughly enjoyed & loved in her new home! Thanks bunches girl! :)


Jen said...

I love that bunny, now make another one for yourself! Great job Lisa!

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey Jen!
Thanks bunches!! I always say, "oh I can make one for myself!" LoL But never do..I'm covered up in piles of all sorts of rabbits, strawberries & other spring goodes, but maybe I'll find time...if not, there's always next spring! LoL

FarmHouse Style said...

It's amazing how our little furry friends seem destined to steal our hearts. Maggie is precious, and so is the bunny you made. I agree with Jen, you should make one for yourself.


Sweet Magnolia said...

Oh your little Maggie is just a sweetheart !! ..Makes me wanna cuddle with her.

I stumbled upon your blog today and really enjoyed it ...

I have a blog award I would love to give you ..if you would like to accept it ..feel free to stop in at my blog to pick it up ..

Blessings ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Maggie is a darling! You are such a push over!! That's one of the things i just love about ya! Can't wait to meet her.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Lisa, Maggie is adorable, ask Beth to tell u about my Shabby Cat...Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a blast tomorrow, it was a packed house out there today. Me and Hubby will be back to pick up a piece tomorrow and I am sure I will have to make another pass through..hehehee! You have to post pics of what all you find, can't wait to see it all, Blessings, Janna