Thursday, October 30, 2008

~*~RoCkY HoRRoR PiCtUre ShOw~*~

What is Halloween without this classic?! I love it!!

DH & I just got thru watching it tonite ~ me for the upteenth time, hubby for the first time (he had seen bits & pieces & listened to the soundtrack endlessly because of me though! LoL)

My best friend in college & I both were addicted to it! And, so much so, in fact, Halloween 1997, we went to a live performance of it ~ in which the audience participates! What fun! Of course, you have to "dress" a part! Here's a pic of me with David (we had only been dating about a month at the time of this pic ~ boy he didn't know what he was gettin' into, hehe!!). Can you tell the pastey white make-up & blood red lipstick? See my funky gold tiarra?! What you CAN'T see is the rest of the black tux jacket, black strech bellbottom pants & funky platform shoes! What a fun nite we had! And, no, David did NOT go with us ~ we couldn't convience hubby & my bf's boyfriend/now-hubby to go with us! Wonder whY?? LoL
If you haven't seen it, DO so!! hehe!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, if you have found yourself here while trying to reach our website, we have made some changes!!! The website that our server was on was down for 2 weekends in a row, the last weekend lasting almost 5 days. While I have been with this company for many years, for the past 6 months there have been days off & on the website has been down & then for the past two weekends to last the way they did just seemed to be a sign we needed to move on..Quite frustrating & senseless to pay the money for a sight no one can view! We've been discussing this for a while, so for now at least, we will just do updates & such here (that way *knock on wood* there won't be the down times)....And, after the busy holiday season we hope to have our picturetrail sight up & running for sales! So don't worry ~ for those who are too far away to visit our shop or attend our shows, we will resume shipping as soon as I get that all set up! In the meantime, I will post goodies here as time allots & if anyone is interested OR interested in something that was on our website, please feel free to let me know!
Cheers to new changes! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Kittens to good home! For those who know us & who have came to the shop, animals are a huge part of our life. And because we have a plethora of furry babies, our home & farm is running full!! Well, now a momma kitty has shown up here with 5 little kittens in tow! I really don't know how they find our way to us, but I guess they know we'll tend to them! Or feed them! LoL
The mom is quite skittish, but the kittens are old enough to be weaned so the babies are currently living in our sunroom awaiting their forever home! We just put them in there last nite & "showed" them the liter box, well, they took right to it! So they're all liter box trained if anyone should decide they want to keep them inside!
I will post pics of them tomorrow ~ there are 4 boys & 1 girl! If anyone's interested in the meantime, please email!

Friday, October 3, 2008


My dear friend Lori awarded me this awesome award! AND she also tagged me to list things about myself & then tag 6 others. So here we go!

1. I'm majorly ADD & OCD. (which explains why I make a gazillion different products ~ myself! LoL)

2. I'm an only child.

3. I have 2 degrees in Computer Sciences ~ one for office systems (mostly computer software) & one in information systems technology (everything from web design to networking to building a computer). I love designing graphics & product labels, etc. but other than that, I HATE working on the computer! LoL

4. I LOVE to bake ~ I want to own my own bakery in another life!

5. I asked my hubby out! After months of waiting on him to ask me out, I couldn't wait any longer! I just thought he was too darn cute! hehe!! After we'd been dating a while, he said he had always wanted to ask me out but thought I was already taken! To think we wasted those other months!

6. I'm very shy ~ until I get to know someone well...

OK, so now I'm tagging 6 more:

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2. Judy at The Cinnamon Stick

3.Barbara at N.C. Cabin in the Woods

4. Jen at Just Country

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Thanks again Lori!!