Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, if you have found yourself here while trying to reach our website, we have made some changes!!! The website that our server was on was down for 2 weekends in a row, the last weekend lasting almost 5 days. While I have been with this company for many years, for the past 6 months there have been days off & on the website has been down & then for the past two weekends to last the way they did just seemed to be a sign we needed to move on..Quite frustrating & senseless to pay the money for a sight no one can view! We've been discussing this for a while, so for now at least, we will just do updates & such here (that way *knock on wood* there won't be the down times)....And, after the busy holiday season we hope to have our picturetrail sight up & running for sales! So don't worry ~ for those who are too far away to visit our shop or attend our shows, we will resume shipping as soon as I get that all set up! In the meantime, I will post goodies here as time allots & if anyone is interested OR interested in something that was on our website, please feel free to let me know!
Cheers to new changes! :)


Laura :) said...

I had the best time looking around in your shop this morning and I love everything I got!!!! I really like the new look of your shop (I have only been one other time so I don't remember much) and I hope to come to your open house next month.

Laura :)

Anonymous said...

Hope that all goes well for you! How are things down south? Getting ready for some white flakes up here sometime soon! But, A good looking forcast for this weekend!! WHOOPPP.......!!

Blessings My Friend......!!


Pots 'n Prims said...

Hi Laura!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the shop and all your goodies! Hubby told me all the goodes you purchased & I soo appreciate it! I wasn't expecting you 'til eve so I was busy sewing - hope to see you at open house next month! :)
Take care,

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey hey Lori! All is chaos here for me! LoL I have a 12 day show coming up in a few weeks and then we get home & have less than a week to get the shop ready for holiday open house Thanksgiving weekend! Akk!
And, hey send SNOW thissa way! Only, wait 'til after Thanksgiving weekend! hehe!
HuGs Girlfriend!:)