Monday, March 7, 2011

WoW!! What a loonnng time!!

I never intended to "neglect" my little blog & friends out here, but my new job has kept me hopping. As you can imagine, starting a job with the postal service during the holiday season left me with little time to do nothing but sleep after work! I have been thoroughly enjoying this new chapter in my life! I got in a bit of a "creative funk" last year & it's just now slooowly starting to peek its way back in! While I haven't had time to get started on anything, I hope to in the very near future...

For my customers who visit my booth at the Depot at Gibson Mill, I will be stocking in with lots of spring goodies & new candles in the next week or two! :)

And, PLEASE NOTE for my storefront customers ~ The shop hours were changed to Saturdays ONLY 10-6. But, due to my work schedule (I am always scheduled on Saturdays), and finding someone to run the shop, there are some Saturdays it hasn't been open until after lunch. I sincerely apologize for this, but in lieu of that situation, please call ahead before you head this way to make sure someone will be here!

Take care to all of you! And, I promise to post new creations as soon as I get going :)