Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~*~StArS & sTriPeS~*~

Well, ok, the wrong kind of stripes! LoL

This olde flag is one of my collection & is draped on the back of an old chair with an small old wooden trencher sitting in it....Well, Mara thinks that trencher's the perfect spot to curl up! She KNOWS she's not supposed to, but sometimes she's stubborn!! Tonite she curled up in there & looked so sweet & patriotic I thought it fitting for our lead into our Americana season in the shop! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Finishing up a few goodes for the shop this morning...I make these daisies almost every spring & always love the end result BUT BOY do they kill the fingers with all the handsewing! Anywho, here's a couple arrangements I made up with my daisies ~ flash makes them a bit brighter of course! ~ both have preserved sweet annie, too, so it'll always stay green!

While I'm at it, here's a cool prim cat I just finished up & took out to the shop. She has more facial details, but they didn't show up too well in the pic~

AND on another note ~ this is the goodie David came home with from auction Saturday. This old screen door will be my screen door going from the kitchen into our sun room! Can't wait for him to get it up!! I have a "thing" for old advertising! LoL The screen door at the shop has an old Kerr bread door guard, I have an old country store screen door with a Sunbeam door guard as the door for our laundry room & now this one with the Merita!! ::big smiles::

Oh & ignore the boxes in the background~ those would be the box lots he brought home from auction...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

*~*SwEeT sUmMeRtyMe*~*

The old chalkboard hanging behind the counter lists what's coming up & going on in the shop!

Seems we're pretty much skipping spring & going straight to summer...again...seems to be a trend the last few years, thanks to the darn global warming! I must say, I am NOT a summer person...I always say in the winter you can add more the summer you can only take OFF so much! Ha! The only thing I DO like about summer is being able to have a big display all things patriotic! I LOVE americana goodes, flags, etc. & you'll find all sorts of these goodes in the shop by mid-May! I'll post here when ready!

I shot this picture of Callie (our shop cat) Saturday. She knows where to stay cool ~ sitting on top of our antique Coca-Cola box (still works! with ice cold glass bottle drinks for sale). You'll find her here on those hot days waiting to greet you!

PS! The NEW patriotic background was purely coincidence ~ I accidentally deleted my other background & can't find it, so had to stick something in there! Think I kinda like it though! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

oLd WoOd & 2 posts in ONE day!

I know, it's amazing! 2 posts in ONE day! LoL I just had to show what hubby came home with!

An 1896 mill in an adjoining town is being torn down. While they are salvaging what lumber & brick they can, there is a massive pile of lumber, beams, etc that can't be used by "modern folk". Some of this lumber dates back to the 1500's! YES you read that right!! So, David was given permission to take what he'd like, and this is what he came home with on day 1. I couldn't get it all in the picture because I couldn't let the tailgate down with that big beam on it..But the bed is FULL!!....SO he WILL be making a few more trips back!!! That big post sticking out the back? 24" thick. I TRIED to count all the rings, but they get so incredibly tight that there's just no way!
One of the big beams will become our mantle & the white thingie he has several of ~ they are what supported the posts & beams...thinkin' they'll make some neat benches....
there are quite a few bricks that are "cull" so he will be gathering some of that for my shop walkway! I can't wait!!! To have something with so much history!! I'll be sure to post the pics of the end results & the things David makes too! :)

A BuSy FeW WeEkS!

Time sure does fly! Can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post! BUT I do have a good excuse! I've been busy sewing away goodes for the shop! The following pictures are what I finished last week! Sweet primitive dolls, mice, sheep, prairie dolls (2 different styles), black angels, etc....All these things are in the shop ~ some went to Salisbury, too. AND I have another pile of goodes I'm finishing up today that will be out in the shop in the morning! I'll do my best to take pics of them too! :)

There's also several new OLD finds that went out to the shop today! So hope you can stop in soon!

Pics of the things finished sewing LAST week~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & Junkin' Finds!

Hope you all have had a Blessed Easter!!

Well, first let me say, the main "box" in our area for internet was affected by Friday eve's we were without until today! YES! They came out on a Sunday AND a holiday on top of that! I think they got tired of me & the neighbors all calling! LoL So I was a bit lost for a few days, but BOY the spring cleaning I've gotten done! We have a TON of things to go to the Salavation Army this week ~ it sure feels good getting rid of a lot of this clutter!!! (of course none of my olde stuff goes, just stuff that's been boxed away in closets & the basement for yearrrrsssssssss)...

Easter is a simple day for Dave & I. We celebrate the reason for this day but we don't do a big meal or anything. Instead, this year we decided to go out & have a nice late breakfast. From there we rode by one of the antique shops in town to see if they would be opening..Yup, at 1. BUT it was 11:30....Wait! Look!! There's the man opening up early! Yippee!! We were able to pick up a few things to fill in a few gaps in the shop! Just a bit of cleaning up & these goodies will be in the shop when we open on Wednesday! Well, minus the gas can, which we be transformed into one of David's cool goodes before it's ready to sale! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Productive Day!

Well, it has been a fairly productive day today! I got several new goodies done & out to the shop! Have several more things I hope to finish up tonite to go out Saturday & some "new" OLD things to get out there & get priced! Hope you all have a happy Easter! We will be open Saturday 10am-6pm!

Here's a pic of the pieces that made it out to the shop today!
Of course, it's raining so had to use the flash, which makes everything soooo much brighter...the rabbit...I SWORE no more rabbits for a while...I actually started on her before my spring open house BUT couldn't figure out where I wanted to go with her so she just sat on my sewing table...FINALLY figured out how I wanted her to look so I finished her up this morning! :) She's much more darker & olde looking in person & neat enough to stay out year round too!

Also in the pic are some more of my little bird pillows...the others sold so fast a lot missed them...LOVE how the sheep set came out...and did up a couple wool crow pillows too!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~*~Jack Rabbit~*~

Meet Mr. Jack Rabbit! He's the newest bunny to hop into the shop this week!! He's got a little "saddle bag" made from an old cutter quilt..Filled with carrots!! His sweet little tail is wool from my real sheepies ~ felted on (broke my very last felting needle, too! darn it!)...I've made up just a few of these guys, so hurry in before they hop away to other homes!

Thanks to Kim Kohler for the wonderful pattern! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Til' the Last Shots Fired....

At Sunday's ACM awards, a young soldier said, it's not about the war, it's about the warrior....PLEASE click on the link to watch this video of Trace Adkins & the West Point Glee Club performing that nite...and keep all the soliders in your prayers...