Friday, April 10, 2009

A Productive Day!

Well, it has been a fairly productive day today! I got several new goodies done & out to the shop! Have several more things I hope to finish up tonite to go out Saturday & some "new" OLD things to get out there & get priced! Hope you all have a happy Easter! We will be open Saturday 10am-6pm!

Here's a pic of the pieces that made it out to the shop today!
Of course, it's raining so had to use the flash, which makes everything soooo much brighter...the rabbit...I SWORE no more rabbits for a while...I actually started on her before my spring open house BUT couldn't figure out where I wanted to go with her so she just sat on my sewing table...FINALLY figured out how I wanted her to look so I finished her up this morning! :) She's much more darker & olde looking in person & neat enough to stay out year round too!

Also in the pic are some more of my little bird pillows...the others sold so fast a lot missed them...LOVE how the sheep set came out...and did up a couple wool crow pillows too!!


angie said...

gosh you've been busy~love it all~you know those little birdies are a favorite of mine~i really like the crow pillow too~how's the picturetrail coming?

Laura :) said...

Hey Lisa!

I just HAD to go to the Emporium Wednesday and get my fix!! I got Petunia and her baby and a heart hanging thing and bag of flax and a sheep!!!! As expected, I felt much better when I left! If they tell you about the maniac that ran straight to your booth, you'll know it was me, lol!!

I think I'll leave all my bunnies out for a while after Easter so I can enjoy them.

Laura :)

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey Angie!
On the picturetrail...slow! LoL I haven't gotten caught up on sewing yet (a GOOD thing!). Once I get a bit caught up (if that's ever possible LoL) I hope to get a bit done to it! :)

LoL!! I'm soo glad you got your "fix"! hehe!! Thanks so much for the biz! Betty (the owner) did call & say of a lady who LOVED my things & bought so much!! I do appreciate it! And, I would leave those bunbuns out too, to enjoy them! :) I'll be leaving a few out in the shop too!

Happy Easter to you both!