Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & Junkin' Finds!

Hope you all have had a Blessed Easter!!

Well, first let me say, the main "box" in our area for internet was affected by Friday eve's we were without until today! YES! They came out on a Sunday AND a holiday on top of that! I think they got tired of me & the neighbors all calling! LoL So I was a bit lost for a few days, but BOY the spring cleaning I've gotten done! We have a TON of things to go to the Salavation Army this week ~ it sure feels good getting rid of a lot of this clutter!!! (of course none of my olde stuff goes, just stuff that's been boxed away in closets & the basement for yearrrrsssssssss)...

Easter is a simple day for Dave & I. We celebrate the reason for this day but we don't do a big meal or anything. Instead, this year we decided to go out & have a nice late breakfast. From there we rode by one of the antique shops in town to see if they would be opening..Yup, at 1. BUT it was 11:30....Wait! Look!! There's the man opening up early! Yippee!! We were able to pick up a few things to fill in a few gaps in the shop! Just a bit of cleaning up & these goodies will be in the shop when we open on Wednesday! Well, minus the gas can, which we be transformed into one of David's cool goodes before it's ready to sale! :)


Dawn said...

Hi, just came upon your blog! I love the goodies in the pickup. A big favorite is the scales and wooden ice cream bucket. I have a collection of ice cream freezers. So sorry about your little dog. We too had a cocker several yrs. ago we had to put down. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do. She too, was our baby. I love your blog and have added you to my favorites. I will be back to check on your latest post. Dawn

Lisa said...



Artsy Fartsy said...

Love all your finds!! We had a breakfast with family and then nothing much ourselves but rest the day away, tootles, janna

Primitive House said...

Hey Lisa~~
Just dropping in to say HI!!
I noticed that you have my old link on your blog roll!
My new one is
Talk soon.........