Monday, June 29, 2009

4th Of JuLy Schedule!

Just a little note:
We will be open WED-FRI 10am until 6pm
we will be CLOSED Saturday, July 4th
to celebrate with our family & friends!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!


Laura :) said...

Did you get the bathroom pics I sent?

Good luck painting. I can't wait to see your booth!

Have a Happy Fourth!

Laura :)

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Hey Girl, I have not been by in a while, First of all I love all of your junk from the prev posts. I love that old metal laundry bin. I was just admiring one on another blog yesterday, good junk! I hope you are doing well from the fall. I have had way to many tumbles and bruises carrying in junk, I don't know if it from the excitement for the finds or age getting to me!hehehe... But gosh girly broken ribs I know has to be painful. We were in your neck of the woods yesterday. Started out with Don on 49 then found some junk spots out past Seagrove, We though you all were behind us at one point headed in towards Denton. Hope you and Dave had a Great 4th, Tootles, Janna