Friday, June 19, 2009

~*~ CrAsHiNg ...& A FeW of My FaVoRiTe THiNgS~*~

I'll be first to admit, gracefulness is NOT my strongsuit....So Tuesday, amidst hauling all my treasures (in the last post) from the truck into the sunroom (so I could take a pic & figure out where things will be dispursed) I fell in our walkway. I was carrying the old wooden drink crate with things in it & next thing I know...CRASH!! I fell so hard & so fast, I didn't know what happened until I was on the ground. I fell face first, landing on a landscape timber & a few bricks, with the drink crate sorda into my stomach...YES! It hurt....When D came home he wanted to take me to the Dr., but I refused....By Wednesday I was hurting pretty good so my mom drug me to an urgent care...3 x-rays later, I have fractured ribs. Akkk!! Well, let's just say the pain is continuing to progess instead of lessen, so by the end of each workday, I've been too sore to do much other than lay back with an ice pack....

Soooo, as I'm laying here on the couch, I'm admiring a few of my favorite things, and since I can't do much else, I thought I'd share pics of them with you!

The first pic is our fireplace & mantle...My daddy laid all the rock! The mantle will soon be replaced with a beam from the old mill (read about it here if you missed out). David has the afixiation with old lanterns ~ I am honestly running out of room to put them but he keeps buyin' them! LoL The white star is made by the Amish up in Pa from salavaged barn tin! We sell them here in the shop!

Next, is a new grouping I just finished a few weeks ago....well, I'm still tweaking bits on the inside, but you get the gist...The top part is an old hanging cupboard I bought in Pa during Christmas & it's sitting on an old table that USED to be the base of an old stepback...David sat the cupboard down there while we were trying to figure out how high to hang the cupboard & I liked it so we left it! A few of my favorite things are tucked about ~ the large basket sitting on top I got from my dear friend Judy during our last trip up to Pa...And, lastly for tonite, is my old make-do screen safe...I found this in an antique shop a few years ago & fell in love! I put it in layaway not having a clue where I could fit it, but knowing I had to have it! When it came home it had to sit in our unfinished sunroom until I could figure out a place to put it...It just moved in during Christmas (after almost 2 years on our unfinished sunroom!). I love it!! It's made from an old shipping crate...the things they MADE-DO with soo many years ago!! Also tucked in is probably my hugest addiction ~ OLDE quilts!!... A few yellowware bowls sit in the top ~ I love yellowware, but these are the only 2 pieces I've been able to snag cheap enough to come home with me..and a stack of old seamless sacks ~ Bemis, Fulton, any Seamless advertising sack...WHY do I collect them? I have NO clue! I just love them! :)
Well, that's it for tonite!! Maybe one nite again soon I'll take you on more of a tour of our cabin!


Painter's Place said...

Sorry about your fall. I just found your blog and I love it. We have some of the same tastes. Thanks for sharing.

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hi! Thanks for stoppin' in! You posted on my last post that you don't live to far away...Where are you located? Hope you stop in sometime!
Have a great weekend!

Cynthia said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so sorry that you had an accident. Hope the pain has begun to decrease and you are up and around soon. I enjoyed the tour of your home. Get well soon.

Cynthia George

Laura :) said...

I enjoyed your pics! I knew your house HAD to be good inside! All your things tell a story and I like that.

Our bathroom is practically finished now (just waiting on the wall light) and I'll have to show you the before and after pics.

Hope you are up and around again soon. I have heard that fractured/broken ribs are very painful. But it was all in the name of prims and antiques!! :)

Laura :)

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey Cynthia! Thanks for stoppin' by & the well-wishes! Today so far seems to feel a bit better than the past few ~ it's still early, though....
Hope you're doing well!

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey Laura!! I was just thinking of you earlier this week! Haven't seen ya in a while! But glad to hear that bathroom is almost done ~ can't wait to see the pics!
And, you're right..what's a little pain when it comes to junk/antiques?! LoL
Have a great weekend! :)


Yi yi yi all I can say. Rest as much as you can...hope the store is busy busy so you don't have time to think about the "hurt"! I am sure sitting at the sewing machine is not fun! Love the pics of your was fun visit! XO, Judy

Laura :) said...

Hello again!

I have my dad and my sister ready for some antiquing and prim shopping! We are headed your way Wed morning and then on to Asheboro!! I can't wait!!!

Laura :)

Pots 'n Prims said...

Great!! See ya then Laura!!! :)

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I'm in heaven on your blog! I love everything.
I'm sorry you had a fall and are uncomfortable. I hope your ribs heal super quick and your out about junkin' again soon.
I wanna junk where you go, holy moly, you hit some serious jack pots!
Love it, love it, LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Jen said...

Gosh Lisa, Sorry about your fall, and your "pain". Take care and let it heal, I know it takes alot to slow you down.
Love the pics of your home.

Pots 'n Prims said...

Thanks for stoppin' in Tina!! Glad you enjoy my blog! :) Fractured ribs will not slow my junkin' down! LoL Hubby went to auction for me Saturday & got some great finds that I need to take pics of! :)

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey Jen!! It does take a bit to slow me down ~ this is on thing that has though! Well, somewhat! I have found that turning pots is the most uncomfortable & causes the most pain after, so I am sewing and working on some punchneedle pieces....thank goodness I have the bulk of my winter/show pottery stock already turned & just waiting to be glazed!

clothnclay said...

Hi Lisa, I signed on to follow ,but I must come back... I am blurry eyed from... hooking after a long day! becky