Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, after over 40 hours of painting & 6 hours (!!) sanding, 200ish signs are ready for the Southern Christmas Show (and a few for the shop)!!! Yes, I now have a Popeye muscle on my right arm! LoL They still have to be stained, but that goes a bit quicker as David can help with that! We have a saying for everything ~ Outhouse, Laundry Room, Santa Claus is Coming to Town & many, many, more!! We'll be in booth 1110-1112!


Laura :) said...

Yes, save some for the shop!! I can't wait til the open house. We went to the Emporium in Salisbury Sat and I got the Autumn Blessings sign (orange) and a bag of wool. I was thrilled!

Laura :)

oldetymemarketplace said...

THAT'S IT??? ONLY 200???? You have had plenty of time to get way more done than that...I am so disappointed......LOL! Between all the stuff you and I will have for this show, we should be keeping the economy afloat....espicially if it all sells!!! Keep prayin!
Beth :0)

Shay said...

Best of luck on your show, wishing you many sales!! I know you and David will do great!

angie said...

omgosh!!! best of luck to you at the show!!!