Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Gatherings at Homethrown Pottery!!

This weekend is our FIRST annual SPRING OPEN HOUSE ~ aptly called "Spring Gatherings at Homethrown Pottery" because...well....I wanted something catchy...AND we have a huge gathering of spring goodies for this weekend! I'm still frantically sewing away, painting furniture, pouring candles, working on soap....The last load of pottery went into the kiln last nite & will come out Friday evening. I have quite a few new pottery pieces ~ the shelves will be fully stocked! And David took the day off work today to help get a few more things finished up ~ a few more cabinets & birdhouses...


to destruct our kitchen..

YES! of ALL times for something to go wrong, our refridgerator DIED yesterday. Kaput...According to the repairman it had lived its life & would be cheaper to buy a new one...Well if you haven't bought a fridge lately, it's like buying a small used car! It took a trip to Lowes & to Sears ~ and 4 hours later ~ before we commited to one..BUT what does this have to do with destruction of our kitchen? Well, I didn't want a regular refridgerator this time ~ I wanted a side-by-side. And he said "Oh, it'll fit." Turns out he was humoring me. It needs an extra 1/2" at least...So he & papaw are going to have to "modify" (his words) the hole a bit to make it fit. Mind you there's a wall on one side & cabinets on the other so I have NO idea how he will be modifying. I probably don't want to know..And did you all know they no longer keep fridgerators in stock? My guess would be because there's too dadgum many to choose from & they have no room. It's ridiculous the choices! So it will be delivered in all its glory ~ in the rain ~ tomorrow...

I digressed...

We will have a wonderful selection of herbs & flowers for this weekend too!!
I hope if you're in the area you venture out this way!
Saturday April 5th ~ 10am-6pm
Sunday April 6th ~ 1pm-5pm

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