Sunday, May 3, 2009

~*~Berry Tyme!~*~

After I closed up the shop yesterday evening, David & I went to the berry farm to pick up our berries. Now, I was going to actually pick them, but for the quantity I was getting, I decided I could just pay them the extra $1 a gallon & get them already picked. LoL. Here's the back of my jeep when we got home ~ 11 gallons, PLUS the farmer dumped 3 ~ 1/2 gallon baskets in free! :) These are the biggest, reddest, juicest berries I've ever had!

I gave 2 gallons to my elderly neighbor friend (who is like a grandmother to me) ~ she loves to garden, can & freeze but hasn't been able to like she used to could because of her sick husband (she has her hands full) ~ she was so excited!! And, my mom & I took 2 gallons to a friend who's 25 year old son was killed in a tragic wreck this past week, 4 gallons went to my mom, and the rest are MINE! I've made one batch of freezer jam (will be doing another batch today), frozen a bunch of 2-cup packs to be ready for cobblers or pies this winter (yum!!), and I'll be eating a bunch of them this week!

Support your local farmer ~ head out to those berry farms!



Those berries look delish....ours are still coming from Florida - end of May beginning of June will be berrythyme in PA !! We need some HOT weather !! Hmmm... a jar of homemade strawberry jam should come with you should you happen to stop at the store when you make your summerthyme trip to PA !! Hint hint....XO, Judy

UPON A HILL said...

They all look so yummy! You were greatly blessed ! & blessed others.

rockriverstitches said...

Oh my gosh! Those are a lot of strawberries! I bet your car smelled really good! I just love strawberries.


Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey Tammy!! Oh my jeep did smell yummy! BUT the best part was hubby drivin' & I could eat all the strawberries I wanted as we rode home & he couldn't do a thing about it! LoL
Thanks for stoppin' by! :)