Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A wonderful weekend!

Thank you to all the wonderful customers who showed up for our Patriotic Gathering at the shop! We had a wonderful day & enjoyed seeing old friends & new!
Here's just a sampling~ And of course, the food!! David picked up the really cool cupcake star in the back ~ our local wal-mart got creative & took a dozen cupcakes, put them into the shape of a primitive star & then iced the whole thing together! It was really neat! (and yummy!)

On another note, Sunday was a trip with friends to Va for a great sale & a few antique shops along the way! We were able to pick up some great goodies for the shop! And Monday David & I headed into town & hit the only antique shop open & also found some neat things there!
Sooo by THIS weekend LOTS of new antique pieces AND MORE HANDMADES will be in the shop!!

A note to our Salisbury customers ~ we just restocked some great handmades down in our booth last nite & also took in a great new primitive chimney cupboard that david & I finished up on Monday!


Laura :) said...

Looks like you had some great stuff!!!! I will have to get by there SOON! Hillsville turned out to be a waste of time (junk city) and I told my dad that we should have gone to your shop instead! We did go to Mountain Top antique mall in Hillsville while we were there (and to Snoopers in Wytheville) so it wasn't a total loss but still.......I was so disappointed. Labor Day weekend will be better up there! Hope you had a good birthday!

Laura :)

Pots 'n Prims said...

Aww!! I hate you guys had a cruddy time, and sweet of you to say you should've come here! :)
We went to Hillsville Sunday, and YES there was a LOT more JUNK than normal, but what we did find we were able to get for decent $$. However, most of my finds for the shop came from flea markets & antique shops on the way up the mountain. I'm like you, hopin' Labor Day is good!!

Wonderful bday here! Thanks so much!

See you soon!!
lisa :)

Judy said...

Cool idea with the star cupcakes...might have to try that for our Store Picnic...Sounds like the whole weekend was successful the store and on the road !! Some days the sun is shining everywhere!